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Apple announces the iPad

Computing will never be the same again. Steve Jobs just announced the iPad, a personal computer/pmp/mobile device all combined.

The tech pundits as usual are quick to write it off saying “don’t need one”, “doesn’t have a camera”, “no multitasking”, “no flash”, etc. However, I strongly feel that it is here to stay, and that it will probably change the way we compute on a day to day basis.

The iPad would be great for consuming media – your RSS feeds, tweets, etc. Moreover, it is by far the best device for browsing the web, for email, watching photos & videos, playing games and of course – for reading books.

It is also very competitively priced, and those considering buying a first/second computer for their homes will increasingly choose the iPad over netbooks and PC alternatives. Microsoft – Watch out!

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My design guru: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is the CEO of Apple. He’s fanatical about good design, and it shows in each and every product that Apple delivers. This image says it all!


Take 2

I initially set up my blog with using iWeb, a Mac application that comes with the OS. Though it is very easy to setup and get started, I found it very limiting. Milind from Smoking Apples suggested me Coda and WordPress, and I find them to be a killer combo!

This website is now powered by WordPress and Modern Clix. I personally love the new look. Let me know what you think via comments.

A snapshot of my earlier template (for posterity):
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