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Two months of Posterous Awesomeness

I’ve been using Posterous for 2 months now, and I have to say it is great. Actually, it is WOW. I very much regret not coming across it earlier, as Posterous was launched much earlier in May 2008. Where was I?  🙁

Anyways, I now have two cool blogs powered by Posterous:

1. – The lifestream link in the header of my personal domain is powered by Posterous.

2. – A custom domain hosted on Posterous. Take a look and subscribe. Its fun.

I own a couple of other web domains, but never really used them because developing and maintaining each of these was a tedious and time consuming task. Posterous could prove otherwise.

Ok, now onto the Posterous story: Pre-posterous, Posterous and Post-Posterous.



I use WordPress for my personal domain, and it serves me well. It had extensible, i.e., it had plenty of themes, was web based, was highly configurable, was search engine friendly, and even had plugins for almost any task.

However, posting to WordPress was time consuming, and sharing to social sites required a lot of fiddling around. You could autopost to twitter and facebook. Users could retweet or share your posts on facebook. But the process was never seamless. It required adding plugins, activating and configuring them, among other things. Most important of all, you had to wade through tons of junk plugins before you found the one you were exactly looking for. Those were the days.

If I were to develop and maintain another of my other websites with WordPress, it would take a good chunk of my time. And so I looked around for alternatives, and came across Tumblr.


Tumblr was neat. It had tons of cool themes, allowed autotweeting of new posts, and even had a “tumble this” feature (like retweets, in Twitter). I thought this was great, and so created a couple of accounts, and had each of these tumblelogs pointing to their custom domains. But somehow, I was not quite happy. Many things were lacking, and it somehow did not feel right. Facebook integration was lacking. Commenting was lame. Writing a post was not as easy as it should be. And in a way, it seemed just like blogger. Nothing great. Nothing innovative to ease my workflow. There had to be a better solution.

Chancing upon Posterous

Around the same time, I was reading the wonderful blog of Abinash Tripathy, founder CEO of Infinitely Beta. In one of his articles, he mentions how he and his former boss, Satish Dharmaraj built a kickass product: Zimbra and later sold it off to Yahoo for a whopping sum of money. I’ve been using Zimbra for a while and really like it, but never cared to know who built it and stuff. Well engineered products are rare in India, and so it genuinely surprised me that such a wonderful product was actually built by an Indian team, with an Indian CEO.

I googled Satish Dharmaraj, and came across his blog. It was minimalistic, and barely contained images, but the blog posts were great. And what intrigued me was the small yellow icon with a word POSTEROUS at the top of the blog. So I dug into it, and that was how I chanced upon the Posterous way of doing things. Incidentally, Posterous was funded by Y-combinator, of which Satish was part of (not too sure). Incidentally, Satish is an investor in Posterous. This was in the first week of December, 2009.


Posterous is simple. Dead simple.


Email stuff to, and the contents are posted to your Posterous blog. You could configure Posterous to autopost to any or all of your social sites (facebook, twitter, wordpress, youtube, flickr and a ton of others). However, what’s great about autoposting is Posterous always does the right thing. If you had emailed a pic, it is automatically uploaded to flickr, facebook and to Posterous. Emailing a video would upload it to Youtube, Vimeo and to Posterous. And this in turn is posted to your facebook wall and twitter account, with a link back to your posterous blog. It might not seem much in writing, but in actual use, it is a terrific workflow.

You can also post stuff via the Posterous bookmarklet. Drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar in your browser and you’re good to go. While browsing any page on the web, all one has to do is select all the content they want and hit the bookmarklet button. A window pops up asking you to add a comment, edit the post, and even select the autoposting services. Almost instantly after you post it, it appears on the Posterous blog. Now check your twitter and facebook accounts, and the link is already there. Wow! This kind of a workflow would take atleast 5-10 plugins in WordPress, and it still wouldn’t be seamless.

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Why Indian Media Companies fail on the Internet…

I wanted to write on this topic for some time now.

However, I recently came across an article by abinash tripathy, which makes for an interesting read and provides an excellent overview of the great Indian Media companies (and why they continue to fail on the internet).

Instead of writing a new article, I will be linking you to this wonderful post, as it pretty much covers most of the points I had in mind, and much more!

Check it out….definitely worth a read!

The Twitter Madness

This is part three of the Twitter series. Check out the rest of the articles:

– What is Twitter ?
– Why Twitter ?
– The Twitter Madness.
– Is (Twitter + Facebook) > (Google + Bing) ?
– Advertising on Twitter !
– and more

Twitter is so powerful as a communicating tool that both Bing and Google felt the need to incorporate twitter feeds into their respective search results. Social Search is the way to go!

Here is a funny take on Twitter!

Twitter is also a phenomemon!

Why Twitter?

This is part two of the Twitter series. Check out the rest of the articles:

What is Twitter ?
– Why Twitter ?
The Twitter Madness
– Is (Twitter + Facebook) > (Google + Bing) ?
– Advertising on Twitter !
– and more

So, why Twitter?

Twitter is useful for individuals and companies who’d like to broadcast live updates directly to their target audience.

For Individuals

People just do not have enough time to stay in touch with all their friends on a day to day basis. While facebook helps you connect with friends and family in a closed and private way, Twitter does just the opposite: it broadcasts updates for the world to see. This is therefore a great tool of communication for celebrities.

For Companies

Twitter is increasingly being used as a social media tool by many companies to reach out to their audiences directly. This form of informal communication helps companies to build trust and be more informal. Twitter is also a fantastic social media tool to get feedback and live updates.

What is Twitter?


I always get this question: What is twitter, and what is all the buzz about? In a series of posts starting with this, I aim to cover a wide variety of topics featuring twitter:

What is Twitter ?
Why Twitter ?
The Twitter Madness.
– Is (Twitter + Facebook) > (Google + Bing) ?
– Advertising on Twitter !
– and more

Wikipedia offers a good start: Twitter is a free micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author’s profile page and delivered to the author’s subscribers who are known as followers.

The following video is one of my favorites:

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