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Just launched


Just launched, a fun website to read and share jokes. You can subscribe to the RSS, follow on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook.

I will try and update the website whenever I can, but those interested in contributing can let me know.

Hav fun!

Why Indian Media Companies fail on the Internet…

I wanted to write on this topic for some time now.

However, I recently came across an article by abinash tripathy, which makes for an interesting read and provides an excellent overview of the great Indian Media companies (and why they continue to fail on the internet).

Instead of writing a new article, I will be linking you to this wonderful post, as it pretty much covers most of the points I had in mind, and much more!

Check it out….definitely worth a read!

Smoking Apples

About Smoking Apples, by Smoking Apples

“Smoking Apples is a website and blog dedicated to all things Apple and with a special something for our Indian readers. From Macs and iPods to the iPhone and Apple TV, we strive to be your one-stop solution for any and everything related to Apple Inc. and its products”.

Smoking Apples is one of my favorite apple blogs. I visit it daily for the latest updates and reviews of everything related to Apple.

The website itself is simple and clean, and has excellent content thanks to its passionate editors: Milind, Aayush, Preshit, Brandon, etc. Check out their website, download their Magazine and subscribe to their RSS feed and Podcast. You’ll love ‘em all!

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