Stunning Keynote Presentations

Before you continue reading, I’d like to ask you a question:
Have you ever watched a Steve Jobs Keynote?

If the answer is YES: skip the following video and continue reading.
If the answer in NO: do yourself a favour – watch this sample video now!

Apple Keynote presentations are simply stunning!

I’ve always been inspired by them: as they are simple, yet very effective in conveying the message. They could very well be the best corporate presentations you would possibly see, ever.

Apple Keynotes seem so simple, that you could easily be fooled into thinking that they are a cakewalk to design and present. In reality, a lot of hardwork goes into each of these. Apple designers and management work closely for months together, refining and polishing until each presentation is close to perfect. Read this article by the behind the magic curtain

That brings us to the question: Can we create presentations of similar standards, and if yes: how?

In my next article, I aim to answer this exact question. I will take you through various stages of creating the presentation: the workflow, sourcing and integrating quality content, export options, etc. Click here to continue reading…