The Browser Wars!

I’ll dive straight to the point. There are no winners or losers here.

Each browser has its share of pros and cons. You’ll need to decide depending on what platform you work on, and how extensively you use the internet. However, this is my perspective:


– Firefox is the best option if you are an avid internet user, and if you use a lot of plugins.
– However, if you want a less bloated, simpler, safer and more stable browsing experience, try the new Chrome.
– Steer clear of Internet Explorer. You might however need it if you come across a badly designed site that won’t render properly in both Firefox and Chrome. Internet Explorer takes care of all this crap that does not adhere to web standards.


– Safari is the best bet, as it provides the most seamless experience on the Mac. Also use click to flash, if you want to disable the resource intensive flash plugin.
– If you need to use a number of plugins, Firefox is a better option for you. However, you’ll be compromising on performance, as Firefox eats up most of the available RAM and is known to be a resource hog.
– We’ll have to wait and see how Chrome fares when it launches for the Mac platform this month.



The most promising: Chrome (PC)
The most integrated: Safari (Mac)
The most extensible: Firefox (PC/Mac)