Me and my Macbook – I


Since i got an Apple Macbook(Unibody) last october, i’ve been using it like crazy. On hindsight, I regret not purchasing one earlier.

Before I got hooked to Mac OSX, I was using Windows XP on a Sony Vaio. While Windows is a decent OS, it absolutely lacks refinement and polish. It was good for system admins and IT guys, but it was way awkward for a design enthusiast like me. Added to this, my new Vaio machine came preinstalled with so much bloatware, that I had to spend so much time just to get rid of all the crap. This was in 2007.

By 2008, the VAIO just died, and it was so expensive to repair, that I opted to buy a new laptop instead. I was on the lookout for better alternatives, and that was how i chanced upon Apple’s Macbook. A friend of mine was using a macbook, and i soon learned more about it. The OS had very strong UNIX underpinnings and the UI was stunning. I instantly liked it. There was however a catch: The lower end macbooks costed around $1100 and had a plastic shell, and the aluminum (read PRO) machines were way too expensive. I wanted the best of both worlds, i.e, an aluminum mac and one that costed $1100. I decided to wait.

Almost every year, Apple conducts an iPod event in September, and a Mac event in October. At the October 2008 event, Apple announced the new Macbook: it had a Unibody design and was made of Aluminum. Moreover it costed $1299, which was a fantastic price for the additional new features it offered: a new and fast NVIDIA graphics chip, and a multitouch trackpad. The trackpad allowed multitouch gestures and had no physical button. Wow.

The macbook was announced on the 16th of October, and I was lucky enough to buy the machine within 10 days of launch, as I was on a business trip to Hong Kong at that time. This way, I got the macbook a full 2 months ahead of the India launch.

I have happily computed ever since!

Update: 3 years later, this amazing machine was replaced with a Macbook Air. Read why: Me and my Macbook – II