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“MobileMe is a service that pushes new email, contacts, and calendar events over the air to all your devices. So your iPhone, Mac, and PC stay in perfect sync. No docking required.”

Mobileme is a fantastic service. I’ve personally used it and find it to be a simple solution that works really well. There have been glitches when the service was initially launched, but all that seems to have been sorted out.

iPhone users and those that are constantly on the move, find it difficult and cumbersome to keep their data in sync across various machines. Mobileme solves this problem, but at a rather hefty price of $99.

You use an iMac at home, a PC at work and carry an iPhone and Macbook while on the move. You constantly check your email on the iPhone, bookmark websites on your macbook and add new data to the contacts and calendar while at work on the PC. You’ll need these to constantly be in sync, in order to be productive. For this, you’ll need to manually connect and sync each of these devices. You could otherwise use third party services like DropBox, etc to do bits and pieces of this mundane task. but thats not a proper solution.

Mobileme solves this problem by pushing any changes on one machine to the rest of the linked machines, instantly.This is useful and saves a lot of time.

The service also offers iDisk, a virtual storage space that allowed users to store and access files via a browser( and the iPhone(via an iPhone app, iDisk). Users can also host their websites using iDisk and iWeb. (Mobileme doesn’t however support databases at the time of writing).

A new feature “Find my Phone” has been recently announced for Mobileme users. With this, users can track their lost iPhone, remotely send messages or wipe their data. Awesome!